Anna has an intuitive ability to see the truth behind the matter of what’s really happening and finds a feasible easy solution to apply immediately. She has strong emotional intelligence to discern what is said in between the words we don’t hear. Her coaching was effective and impactful to solve some family issues with my teenagers and family members. Her kind heart over delivers and her compassionate spirit guides you in the right direction!
Donna De Luca, Leadership Mentor, Speaker, Author Founder of Be The Change Innovative Youth Leadership Program
Anna is incredibly insightful. She keeps things simple, yet incredibly effective. Working with her while laying the foundation for our blended family has had a dramatic impact on how we relate to our little one and to each other. It has helped us change how we communicate and approach situations. The focus is clarity, family, love, and simplicity. The goal is always to bring it back to love and what matters most. We continue to reap the benefits of the seeds we planted while working with Anna.
MK & CJ, New Blended Family

Empowered Co-Parenting Plan 

Are you feeling fed up and frustrated with the way you currently co-parent your kid(s) with your ex – or your partner’s kid(s) with their ex?

Do you worry that it’s costing you too much time, energy, and emotions – or worse, that it’s damaging your kids’ emotional well being?

Would you like to once and for all put down the weapons of combative co-parenting and learn to peacefully co-parent as YOUR best self?

It’s time to end the hatred and animosity you feel in your heart – for your sake AND for your children’s sake.

And no, you don’t have to over-spend on lawyers or waste endless hours in therapy.

Release The Drama, Reclaim Your Integrity, & Redesign Your Empowered Co-Parenting Plan

As founder of Co-Parenting In Harmony, I’m on a mission to help restore the divide that often rips divorced and blended families apart. Specifically, I’m passionate about helping individuals, exes, and families ditch the baggage from their past and learn to put their children FIRST so you can raise your children without unnecessary drama and dysfunction.

Regardless of where you are in your journey of co-parenting your children with your ex, I’m here assist and guide you to skill fully build a strong, child-centered co-parenting plan that reflects the unique needs of your children and the best interests of your family without court battles.

Designing your co-parenting plan is in the best interest of your children and offers you instant and lifelong peace of mind.

Your empowered co-parenting plan should be done PRIOR to mediation and will allow you to avoid exorbitant court fees while also cutting down on wasted energy, time, and emotional upset for you and your family.

When we work together on your 4-part Empowered Co-Parenting Plan, you will receive a structure, agreements, and commitments that will enable you to maintain civility and stability for your children’s two-home lifestyle.

Co-parenting plans are best co-created together in which you and your ex both agree on the co-parenting plan. This plan can be submitted to the courts and becomes a legal document that you and your ex can follow.

In our work together, we will co-create your empowered co-parenting plan in 4 parts:

Part 1: How to emotionally and practically prepare for your co-parenting plan to ensure it’s as empowered as possible for you and your children.

Part 2: How to determine a fair and reasonable residential timeshare for your kids between your home and your ex’s home.

Part 3: What other aspects of your children’s lives need to be specifically addressed, agreed upon, and scheduled between you and your ex.

Part 4: How to manage changes and address conflict resolution through your plan while also implementing strong, empowered co-parenting skills.

Each of these 4 parts can be done in one-hour sessions by phone or skype.

I recommend scheduling our sessions weekly.  However, I am flexible and happy to work with your busy schedules. If you feel your ex isn’t ready to join you in these empowered sessions, we can begin our plan of action 1 on 1 and bring our ideas to your ex when we both feel the time is right. I am here for you every step of the way and I honour your needs, process, and timelines.

Throughout Our Empowered Co-Parenting Sessions, we will:

  • Identify empowered and actionable approaches and tools so that you know what exactly what approach to take with your ex, your kids, and your new family dynamic.
    Create confidence and clarity about your co-parenting arrangement.
  • Powerfully transform your co-parenting lifestyle from combative to collaborative.

As your guide, I will support you as you:

  • Emotionally prepare for the next phase of your life as a co-parent.
  • Focus on what truly matters and stay child-centered in designing your schedules to share your children through residential time in each home.
  • Courageously and confidently cover the transitions, communication and decision making.
  • Mindfully manage changes, conflict resolution and additional guideline for co-parenting.

Throughout our work together, you will receive ongoing email support.

Don’t waste unnecessary time, money, and energy on lawyers when you can powerfully co-create your co-parenting plan with peace.

The most valuable investment you will ever make following your separation and/or divorce is to cultivate the skills needed to co-parenting with courage so that your children know they are loved, supported, and understood.

Together, let’s recreate your legacy and master the art of Co-Parenting In Harmony.

Book your 30 min. complimentary Co-Parenting in Harmony assessment call Today . Let’s discuss where you and your family are today, where you want to be and how I can help you achieve lasting change.

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