Co-parenting is an emotional connection that needs to happen with all parties involved, Anna’s passion and personal experiences on the subject, will surely put you on the right path through her heartfelt coaching .
Diane Battista, Consultant

Co-Parenting & Blended Family Prep Course

36 years ago it was customary to attend marriage preparation courses.

Today, co-parenting and blended family arrangements are more common. So where is the course to prepare us for navigating these complex relationships and establishing strategies and skills for a lifetime of peace, harmony and love for the children involved?

Right here

As a Certified Master Coach Practitioner in Co-Parenting, I utilize my personal and professional experience to help you move past bitterness and resentment to focus on solutions and new possibilities for lasting change.

This 6-week program is highly recommended for divorced couples with children and established couples experiencing difficulty in their blended family. It is designed to come prior mediation and to prevent the dreaded step of heading for the courtroom.

This program covers everything you need to transition from confusion and anger to harmonious co-parenting.

Week 1: Letting Go of Resentment

This week, you will learn how to unblock and release resentments by cultivating a new mindset, letting go of the past and setting aside personal feelings to better manage emotions.

You will learn how to:

  • Develop strategies for emotional uncoupling that take you from spouse-mind to parent-mind
  • Understand your own emotions and deep-held beliefs
  • Maintain family vision when communicating with an uncooperative ex-spouse
  • Understand where you are in your grief process
  • Clarify your current reality and desired results

Having been through divorce and become a co-parent and stepparent myself, I know that this can be one of the most challenging parts of the process. I also know how rewarding and liberating it can be, and I can help you make it happen for yourself and your family.

Week 2: Building Your Foundation

Co-parenting in harmony begins with regaining confidence, rebuilding foundations and developing realistic expectations to set the stage for a healthy and peaceful co-parenting environment.

You will learn how to:

  • Focus on what truly matters to keep balance and harmony
  • Build or regain confidence in yourself as a person and parent
  • Identify and release anxiety and fear issues
  • Put an end to comparison and competition with co-parents and stepparents
  • Eliminate the need for external validation
  • Understand and take control of your role
  • React constructively to certain issues and situations
  • Expand your comfort zone and get clear on expectations
  • Develop skills to smoothly transition into a blended family
  • Move from tough conversations to healthy communication

Week 3: Developing a Business-Like Approach to Co-Parenting

You are both in high conflict situation or just can’t talk to each other? Then think of a successful business project. All parties have different perspectives, needs and opinions, but all work towards a common goal. They keep emotion out of it, speak diplomatically and maintain focus on solutions and the end result.

This is what you will learn to cultivate in your family structure. It is the most efficient path to co-parenting harmony and can help you stay calm, courteous and diplomatic. It is one of the most important skills to learn as a co-parent or stepparent.

You will learn how to:

  • Develop a business-like approach with co-parents that is child-centered
  • Set healthy boundaries that maintain relationships with your new partner and ex-spouse
  • Establish a business-like language and tone
  • Create positive outcomes to continually move forward
  • Transform high-conflict exchanges into business-like relationships
  • Establish communication guidelines that set healthy and realistic rules of engagement

Week 4: Focusing on Your Child(ren)’s Needs

A child’s needs are of the utmost importance. So why wait till week 4? Because being there for your children starts with being there for yourself. You need that foundation of confidence, calm and harmony to be able to focus on what truly matters – the children.

You will learn how to:

  • Shield children from adult issues
  • Protect children from conflicts of loyalty (i.e. avoiding “monkey in the middle” scenarios)
  • Become the present and happy parent your children (and you!) deserve
  • Rebuild a sense of family fun and bonding
  • Identify what your children need to know (and don’t need to know)
  • Co-parent in a 2-home structure
  • Keep in touch with your children for reassurance and consistency
  • Focus on the best interests of the child

Week 5: Stepping Into a Blended Family and Step Family

It is possible to navigate the challenges of a blended and/or step family to create positive outcomes. This week will offer support and direction tailored to your unique circumstances and challenges to help you in building a stable, successful and healthy family.

You will learn:

  • What to expect when stepping into a blended family
  • How to transition into a stepparent role as smoothly as possible
  • How to successfully integrate a stepparent into your child’s life to create a new normal
  • Establish a 2-home concept so children feel safe and secure
  • Build an effective plan to keep your home peaceful and structured
  • How stepmom/stepdad are important roles
  • How to get your stepfamily off on the right foot

Week 6: Accepting Your New Partner’s Child(ren)

Your most impactful relationship is always with the children, whether they are yours or your partner’s. This week will guide you in accepting your new partner’s children with no expectations.

You will learn how to:

  • Cope with and accept your new partner’s children
  • “Re-couple” to create the power couple and a new normal for your family
  • Resolve former spouse issues to move forward in your new relationship
  • Remove “not my kid, but your kid” blockages
  • Understand your new partner’s children
  • Navigate into the acceptance phase

Homework In Between Sessions

This is where the real work happens, but you will not be alone!

My full compassion, support and guidance, every step of the way, in helping you reach your goals and achieve peace of mind to live harmoniously in your new lifestyle. 

6 live coaching sessions with me via Skype or phone.

6 email check-ins if there are roadblocks, we will address them together to get you back on track as quickly as possible. These check-ins will help propel you forward much faster.

You’ll have assigned tasks and goals that we’ve determined together for you to work on between sessions.

When we come together for a session, we’ll assess your progress together and continually adjust and ramp up your efforts to keep taking things to the next level.

I have helped so many parents and stepparents navigate this challenging period life with great success. I can help you as well.

Are you ready to take the next step towards co-parenting in harmony? Book your 30 min. complimentary Co-Parenting in Harmony assessment call Today . Let’s discuss where you and your family are today, where you want to be and how I can help you achieve lasting change.

“Co-parenting in harmony – Your life will never be the same”signature