My name is Anna Giannone. I am the founder of Co-parenting in Harmony© since 2015, and series of Co-parenting in Harmony© books. I am a people person and an expert in my field. I am a true believer and a passionate first person advocate for co-parenting in harmony and having a meaningful outstanding blended family life.

I Walk My Talk.

What is Co-parenting in Harmony?

Simply means that a child has two parents not living in the same home that are still raising their child. In order to do this successfully, parents act jointly in the best interest of the child, share parenting time, are both involved in decision-making and are able to communicate effectively with each other.

As a Certified Master Coach Practitioner specialising in Co-parenting, as your Coach, I provide support, guidance, ideas, and skills for you and your co-parent that will ease you and your children thrive in a two-home family. I also offer assistance for the day-to-day of adjusting to co-parenting to make your life with your child as positive and constructive as possible. No more confrontation and legal fees! 

If you are someone facing the difficult challenge of losing what was most precious to you, your current sense of family, and wanting what’s best for those you cherish endlessly, your children, you will want my help.   

In my sad experience growing up, I was confronted with situations no child should have to deal with. At 16 I had to go before a judge and choose between my mother and father to decide which parent would get full legal custody of my kid brother, who was four years old at the time. Sadly, neither was an ideal choice. I felt so invisible. I was in the middle of their battle, living a conflict of loyalty and so wholly responsible for my kid brother’s life outcome.

As an adult, I went through a divorce, entered a new relationship and became a bonus mom (stepmom) and co-parent to a precious 3 year old boy. This was 30 years ago, when stepparenting and co-parenting were virtually unknown territory.

Given my own childhood experience, I wanted better for this beautiful boy and my family and  to transform my fear and doubts into a catalyst for change to focus on what truly matters and end suffering.   Read more about my personal story…

I know firsthand, the trials and challenges of navigating co-parenting and blended family relationships. I also know the deep sufferings of a child caught in the middle of their parents’ bitterness and resentment.

My decision more than 30 years ago to co-parenting in harmony changed not only my life but the destiny of my family. Being an example and then giving nearly everyday of my life to serve others and guide them to do better has become my passion and mission in life.

I am so heartened by the fact that we can move beyond ourselves and contribute to our child’s best interest no matter what.

Let me take your hand and walk with you into your new co-parenting life. I can guide you through this tough time.

“No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it” – Albert Einstein

Co-parenting in harmony is possible!

I know Anna for more than 25 years and the first contact I had with Anna I already knew her, I felt that this person had something not often found in a human beings. Rather hard to describe, but she felt things and always had the right words at the right time. One rarely sees such a degree of intuition in an individual. Anna’s coaching has helped me change things in my life through her sensible and logical words due to my difficult journey, Anna who gives me the strength I need to continue and move on. She possesses an indefinable wisdom. I thank life for placing her on my path.
Di Grant, Retired

Anna has helped me to identify achievable goals thereby providing a needed direction in my private life. Her coaching skills, continual support and belief in my capabilities of being a better parent have helped me to achieve my goals that I have recently set for me and my children. Anna has helped me to realise that I am the person in control of my life and that it is my choices that will determine my success and happiness to have a harmonious family life. Co-Parenting life coaching has helped me see the importance of conscious communication not only with my ex but also with my children. It has helped me to prioritise how I live my life and I also have more confidence and enjoying more in my parenting role. Anna made me realized that parenting is so nourishing for myself and especially for my kids. Thank you so much for everything Anna of what you have taught me over this past year. You are a true inspiration!

N.G. Investors Group, Financial Security Advisor, Advisor in Group-Insurance Plans, Mutual Funds Representative
Anna Giannone is passionate about families finding a peaceful solution to raising happy, well adjusted children after a broken marriage. In a world where everyday – families are struggling to adapt to this new reality – Anna guides families to co-operate and live harmoniously apart with the children’s best interest forefront and center. Her compassion translates into practical, no nonsense advice to living happily apart, ever after.
Wanda Malfara, Owner, Wanda Malfara Photography

Anna Giannone has been very instrumental to my coping with a disgruntled former spouse. She knows the drill and I have put into practice some of the things that she recommend. You can’t go wrong with Anna. Highly recommended.

F. Mateus, Investors Group, Consultant

During a very long and draw out divorce I was so grateful to have Anna’s calm, warmth and knowledge to help me let go of the very frequent frustrations and refocus on the end goal and the priorities.  She gave me great tools and unbelievable support. Although only I worked with Anna, I am now on much better terms with my son’s dad than I have been in years and we are aligned and committed to our son’s wellbeing.  That would NOT have happened without her. Eternally grateful and feeling free.

D. Weber, Owner, Minc

Meanwhile, in my professional life, I was excelling. What I enjoyed most in the corporate engineering world was bringing people together to collaborate as a team. I had the opportunity to work with many different personalities and viewpoints to meet objectives. It took commitment, focus, constant and conscious efforts to work collaboratively together as a team. I became an expert at bringing teams together to work harmoniously towards shared goals.

Like a team, a family needs to be committed and focused to work collaboratively together to succeed. Could the same business-like relationship structures that brought my professional teams success benefit my co-parenting relationship and blended family to create an outstanding life? Yes. It did.

Thus began my journey of achieving co-parenting in harmony and an outstanding blended family, using the tools and principles I had mastered in my professional life to start making what I first thought was impossible, possible. Working together as teammates and focusing on what truly matters to create momentum worked so grandly that I was able to create the incredible future I had once only imagined as a co-parent and stepparent.

Your life will never be the same (in a great way!) once you can live in harmony with everyone in the mix.

I truly believe that the best way to achieve results is to release fear, bitterness and resentment. To transform “should” to “must” in order to create the momentum that produces the unique energy needed for a business-like co-parenting and stepparenting state. This will fuel your drive to create peaceful, lasting change to live harmoniously with everyone in the mix.

Let me take your hand and walk with you into your new co-parenting life. I can guide you through this tough time.

“Once you start doing what you thought was impossible, you’ll conquer the other fires of your life with ease.”  Tony Robbins.

The sooner you get started, the sooner you’ll achieve outstanding outcomes.

 “Too often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment, or the smallest act of caring, all of which have the potential to turn a life around.” – Leo Buscaglia

Focus on what truly matters to keep balance and harmony without losing sight of things for outstanding outcomes signature