New Book Reveals How Simple Acts of Kindness Transform the Future of your Entire Family

Co-parenting in Harmony: Creating A Ripple Effect is a collection of personal and compelling stories that will inspire you to see your co-parenting arrangements through a more positive lens. Anna Giannone candidly shares her personal experiences that led her to discover and develop 10 powerful practice principles that drive the worthy quest for harmonious co-parenting. Each contributor shares their own story to demonstrate how simple acts of kindness can create a powerful wave – a ripple effect – that extends to the well-being of everyone in the co-parenting family.

Each empowering story exemplifies the values of compassion and respect and identifies steps used to transform an undesirable situation and restore a state of family connection by resolving challenges and encouraging outstanding solutions.

By sharing the experiences of co-parents from all walks of life, this book inspires a new way of thinking that propels a paradigm shift that in turn positively impacts the hearts of the children involved and creates a dynamic and emotional peace of mind and wellness.

Whether you are a divorced parent or a stepparent who is struggling to find more effective ways of co-parenting in harmony, this book is a brilliant resource written just for you. Let it be the road map for your journey toward the life you want