My mantra is “focus on what truly matters to create co-parenting in harmony and the outstanding blended family life you deserve”.

My vision is to end suffering by helping millions to transform their co-parenting and blended family new lifestyle to embrace change and take it to a new level to continuously be in a mindset to focus on what truly matters for outstanding outcomes.

I am on a mission to guide and support co-parents, stepparents, grandparents and new family members to shift their mindsets from negative beliefs of divorce, problem solving, free themselves, and learn new ways of exceptional communication to resolve conflict for quality of life.

Divorce or separation must never interfere with our children’s emotional needs. My coaching strategies will help you transform your state of mind and your family relationships so that you and your children live harmonious lives and achieve an outstanding outcome.

Why Start Now?

The past does not equal the future unless you live in the past. The sooner you seek to release resentments, bitterness, negative beliefs about co-parenting in harmony and having an outstanding blended family, the sooner you will begin to enjoy harmonious family life for a deeper connection with your children. And most importantly, your children will begin to thrive as well.

Say YES to a better life. Your life will never be the same!

“Our peak state is the number one force that influences our decisions and our lives for the better”. – Tony Robbins

Exceptional Life Coaching! Over the course of my adult life, and still today, Anna’s insightful questioning and probing has helped me face my inconsistencies in disciplining my children (now young adults), as well as shed light on my own strengths. Thanks to her straightforward approach, I am able to confidently use a great number of problem solving and coping skills, while allowing my gut feeling to come into play. I am also able to explore a situation from various angles and points of view. Anna, you have a wonderful gift, the gift of mindful guidance and compassion for helping others. I hope all of your dreams come true too! I think everyone could benefit from her unique and insightful perspectives. I could never be able to put into words the positive impact Anna Giannone has made in my life. I cannot recommend her highly enough. Give her a try. I am confident you will not be disappointed.
S. McC., Administrative Assistant

“You may no longer be lovers, but you will always be the parents “ – signature