Does your life feel like a nightmare? Have you lost confidence in yourself as a parent?


Dear Parents,

Co-parenting isn’t easy! I know where you are coming from. I’ve been through this myself. This is a new transition for the whole family. This is a new era of Co-parenting, and though it’s not easy, we must accept the new reality in order to find kinder, gentler ways to handle difficult encounters.


Your child’s chances of leading a healthy, successful life are directly linked to how you and your ex-spouse relate to each other. An insecure and fearful child cannot learn. Therefore, it’s essential to keep the best interests of your child in mind. To compromise and a collaborative mindset with your ex-spouse will have a major positive impact on your child’s behaviour.

Transition can be painful even agonizing at times, but it is possible to overcome all this and to regain confidence in yourself and your relationship with your ex-spouse so you can concentrate on the needs of your children.

Discover how you can make positive Co-parenting work for you and your child by understanding how today’s actions will affect your child ‘s future. My program is designed specifically to avoid conflicts and become the model Co-parent. Parenthood is forever, and the well-being of your child is a lifelong investment.

Build an amicable relationship with your ex-spouse and let your child feel that you are all in it together.

You cannot rewrite the past, but you can clearly create a better future for the whole family.

Believe me, it’s possible, I’ve done it!


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To support Co-parents, Step-parents and family members to shift their attention from the personal aspects of divorce and focus on their children to provide them with awareness and motivate them to reach conscious communication to improve Co-parental relationships.  Ultimately the goal is enable parents to provide a nurturing, non-threatening home environment.
Help co-parents and step-parents find solutions that bring positive impact every day, and build amicable relationships for a stronger parent team and better bond for your child’s best interests. It’s possible to succeed and have well-adjusted co-parenting families that permit children the space to heal from their broken homes and thrive in their new family dynamic.
Putting your children needs first is the most important way to protect your child’s innocence and safeguard healthy development. Parenthood is forever and conscious communication is important when co-parenting. It is a direct and powerful way to reduce all kinds of hurt and it keeps the children well balanced.

“Once a couple always a parent” – signature