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Co-Parenting Right or Co-Parenting Happy

Featured in Thrive Global November 16, 2018 This is an excerpt from Anna’s bestselling Co-Parenting in Harmony series. When couples separate, they have determined that they no longer can or want to stay in an [...]

Inspire and Uplift

Author, Co-Parenting Coach and harmonic communicator, Anna Giannone ends the drama in the lives of divorced families. Celebrate her success and read her story in the latest CCF Successes feature magazine feature November 22, 2018. [...]

An Inspiring Canadian Success Story

Featured in Inspiring Canadians Awards 2018 - My Success Story. Inspiring Canadians Intentions 2018 is to shed light on those who use their time and energy to make Canada and the World a better place. [...]

Using A New Language with Your Co-parent on EZ Mornings Show

Interview with Lori Love on EZ Mornings 105.7 Show - November 15, 2018. Choosing to adopt a new language helps pave the way to healthy and positive conversations that will create a ripple effect for [...]

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Podcast on The Marriage Show: Co-Parenting In Harmony

Podcast Featured on The Marriage Show, Nov. 7, 2018 - Click here for full episode  Frustrated with your ex and the way you are (or are not) co-parenting your children together?  Do you argue with your ex often? [...]

Using A New Language With Your Co-Parent Will Lead To Happier Kids

Featured on HuffPost Nov 2, 2018 A key step toward co-parenting in harmony is adopting a new language with your co-parent for effective communication that is parenting-only. Start by recognizing that co-parenting is child-focused and [...]