My greatest pride and success Is my own experience of Successful Co-Parenting that turned to a harmonious Co-Parenting!

Growing up I was confronted with situations no child should have to deal with. At 16 years old I had to go before a judge and choose between my mother and father. Sadly neither one was an ideal choice. I felt so invisible, unworthy and rejected. My journey started then with a “Conflict of Loyality”. In my late 20’s, I became a step-parent to a 3 year old boy in a Co-Parenting arrangement between my husband and his ex-wife.  I became a Step-Parent which was unknown territory in those days 28 years ago.  We all want to be the hero or heroine of our own story.

In my late 20s, I became a Step-parent to a 3 year old boy in a Co-parenting arrangement between my husband and his ex-spouse which was unknown territory for all of us at the time. We all want to be the hero or heroine of our own story; I have a success story that I can help you with that.

Adjusting to the new dynamics of Co-parenting and Step-parenting is an emotional roller coaster ride of alternating high hopes and dismal disappointment for everyone involved. Having to establish a new set of rules and create the best possible scenario for the children is a challenging imperative.

Working with a therapist is great place to start. Therapists will help you unveil underlying feelings and emotions. Armed with this new knowledge, the next step is to forge new habits, to have different conversations and to establish new rules of engagement. That’s what I help people with in getting permanent results. 

Having to heal the battle wounds of my own story, I vowed to give my stepson a positive and peaceful childhood experience; one where all of us would communicate respectfully to create a positive Co-parenting experience that would empower our stepson. I made it my mission for the best interests of the child to love and care for him as if he were my own.  My stepson is in his 30’s and a step-dad who practises conscious communication with his wife’s ex-spouse, creating a positive, peaceful and happy blended family always for the best interests of their children.

In the midst of all of this, I am now a NANA to my stepson’s child. These children are so blessed to have so many Nanas, grandpas, step-moms and step-dads to love them. IT’S ALL ABOUT LOVE, BEING LOVED AND SHARING LOVE. THEY MATTER!

I’ve done the work and based on my personal experience, I can help you build and thrive in a successult CO-parent arrangement too.

I recently launched my own program “How to Succeed Co-Parenting”. It is a transformational, relational and interactive approach, an educational program that addresses conscious communication, transforming the way we have conversations with the people we interact with. This program teaches conscious communication through respect, love and kindness. Building understanding and thoughtfulness can positively transform the family dynamic.

My program will accompany you through a step-by-step process getting to the source of broken conversations, staying focused and stay on course, identifying what really matters family values, where the child’s best interest is a priority and not an afterthought, making the shift to connect and love passionately, taking a positive outlook on becoming a better Co-parent to your child and less contentious to your ex-spouse. Co-parenting works !