Drawing on personal experience as a divorcee, co-parent, step-parent and former child of divorce, as well as my background as a Certified Master Coach Practitioner, Co-Parenting Coach and Parent Educator, I focus on what truly matters: helping audiences gain emotional freedom so they can successfully manage their unique family challenges and thrive in their new family dynamic. Participants walk away feeling inspired, more in control of their life and ready to take action to achieve lasting results.



Speaking Topics:

1. Co-Parenting in Harmony is Possible

Parents of divided/blended families join me for an open and thought provoking discussion about the many common problems such families face and, most importantly, practical solutions to overcome them.

Discussing the different perspectives and positions of moms, dads and step-parents, I elaborate on the foundational principles of my Co-Parenting in Harmony approach to help participants grasp the mindsets, actions and tools needed to take control of their co-parenting challenges and work together as a blended family unit for the best interests of the children.

Participants leave with the confidence and tools to begin moving towards co-parenting in harmony with everyone in the mix.

2. Co-Parenting for Bonus Parents

New partners stepping into a blended family and bonus-parenting role, with or without children of their own,