I am a passionate first person advocate for co-parenting in harmony and a true believer in creating an outstanding blended family life by helping people discover and put into action strategies that create extraordinary results and amazing personal fulfilment in co-parenting and blended family relationships. Guiding co-parents and step-parents to transform difficult relationships into harmonious co-parenting and blended family life empowers them with understanding and compassion. The connection and positive influence you can have with a loving partner, a co-parent and your children will build and maintain balance and harmony for outstanding outcomes.

My goal is to engage participants and encourage them to understand and appreciate their new family dynamic and how to shift their mindset towards new beliefs. Participants walk away feeling inspired, more in control of their lifestyle and ready to take action to achieve lasting results as defined and desired by them.

Drawing on personal experience as a divorcee, co-parent, step-parent and former child of divorce, as well as my expertise as a Certified Master Coach Practitioner, Co-Parenting Coach and Parent Educator, I focus on what truly matters: helping audiences gain emotional freedom so they can successfully manage their unique family challenges and thrive in their new family lifestyle.


Speaking Topics:

Co-Parenting in Harmony is Possible

Parents of divided/blended families join me for an open and thought provoking discussion about the many common problems such families face and, most importantly, practical solutions to overcome them.

Discussing the different perspectives and positions of moms, dads and step-parents, I elaborate on the foundational principles of my Co-Parenting in Harmony approach to help participants grasp the mindsets, actions and tools needed to take control of their co-parenting challenges and work together as a blended family unit for the best interests of the children.

Participants leave with the confidence and tools to begin moving towards co-parenting in harmony with everyone in the mix.

Co-Parenting for Step-Parents

New partners stepping into a blended family and step-parenting role, with or without children of their own, face unique challenges. In this talk, participants join me for an intimate discussion, tailored exclusively for step-parents, to address issues and learn practical solutions to problems that many step-parents face.

Participants walk away with a fresh perspective on their role, a better understanding of their new stepchildren or “bonus children” and the confidence to step into their new blended family structure with ease.

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Anna has helped me to identify achievable goals thereby providing a needed direction in my private life. Her coaching skills, continual support and belief in my capabilities of being a better parent have helped me to achieve my goals that I have recently set for me and my children. Anna has helped me to realise that I am the person in control of my life and that it is my choices that will determine my success and happiness to have a harmonious family life. Co-Parenting life coaching has helped me see the importance of conscious communication not only with my ex but also with my children. It has helped me to prioritise how I live my life and I also have more confidence and enjoying more in my parenting role. Anna made me realized that parenting is so nourishing for myself and especially for my kids. Thank you so much for everything Anna of what you have taught me over this past year. You are a true inspiration!
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