Anna Giannone Co-Parenting Coach

Who Am I?

My name is Anna Giannone and I work with ex-couples to help them transform, guide and uplift them to develop an interpersonal approach to resolve conflicts. I provide the tools to help you achieve fast positive results to learn to cooperate and collaborate; interact with respect, kindness, and understanding.  The goal is to lead you toward a happy, peaceful and balanced life. Let’s talk! I always have done the sensible thing and chosen jobs and a career where the money and success was guaranteed. I worked in the corporate world of engineering for more than 25 years but never felt my true strengths were being used. A recent cancer diagnosis and job loss gave me the push I needed to leave behind the comfort of a full time job and begin my true calling. In my capacity as a Co-Parenting Coach, Certified Facilitator, Transformational and Inspirational Speaker, I work with individuals, couples and families to guide them to develop peaceful relationships and ease through transitions like divorce, remarriage, co-parenting and step-parenting.

Relationships through Conscious Communication

Being compassionate and determined, bring out the best in the people I work with, enable them to embrace opportunities for improvement so they can forge ahead in their new parent roles. People are my passion, and I always knew I wanted to help people better communicate with each other, foster healing loving connections that put children’s best interests and needs first. I believe we must challenge our anchored beliefs to become better people for ourselves and for others in order to provide our loved ones, especially our children, with the best environment they can thrive in. I know what we are capable of doing for the love of a child when we focus on healthy interactions and I know what is possible.  I’ve experienced it firsthand.

My greatest pride and success – My personal experience as a child and as a parent.

Growing up I was confronted with situations no child should have to deal with. At 16 years old I had to go before a judge and choose between my mother and father. Sadly neither one was an ideal choice. My journey started then with a “Conflict of Loyality”. In my late 20s, I became a step-parent to a 3 year old boy in a Co-Parenting arrangement between my husband and his ex-wife.  I became a Step-Parent which was unknown territory in those days.  We all want to be the hero or heroine of our own story; Few of us get there.  Read more about my personal story…

With my experience, training and tools I can help you thrive in your Co-Parent roles.

How to Successfully Co-Parent is a transformational, relational and interactive approach, an educational program that transforms the way we have conversations and interact with people. This program teaches to commit through conscious communication, respect, and kindness. Building understanding and thoughtfulness can positively transform the family dynamic. My program is a step-by-step process.  I will be there with you every step of the way. This process is

  • getting you to the source of broken conversations,
  • staying committed
  • identifying the core family values.

“All parents need help” – signature

The child’s best interest is a priority and not an afterthought, making the shift to connect and love openly. You will finally, take a positive outlook, become a better parent to your child less contentious with your ex and live more harmoniously. As a speaker, my emotionally touching subjects draw from the philosophy of True Listening and self-transformation through challenging times. “When we Learn we Teach !” Maya Angelou’s    “Too often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment, or the smallest act of caring, all of which have the potential to turn a life around”. Leo Buscaglia. I am currently working on my first book to be launched in the coming year, stay tuned and follow me on Facebook !