Anna has an intuitive ability to see the truth behind the matter of what’s really happening and finds a feasible easy solution to apply immediately. She has strong emotional intelligence to discern what is said in between the words we don’t hear. Her coaching was effective and impactful to solve some family issues with my teenagers and family members. Her kind heart over delivers and her compassionate spirit guides you in the right direction!
Donna De Luca, Leadership Mentor, Speaker, Author Founder of Be The Change Innovative Youth Leadership Program
Anna is incredibly insightful. She keeps things simple, yet incredibly effective. Working with her while laying the foundation for our blended family has had a dramatic impact on how we relate to our little one and to each other. It has helped us change how we communicate and approach situations. The focus is clarity, family, love, and simplicity. The goal is always to bring it back to love and what matters most. We continue to reap the benefits of the seeds we planted while working with Anna.
MK & CJ, New Blended Family

As a Certified Facilitator, I conduct workshops on:

  • Co-parenting coaching for individuals, couples and groups
  • Stepfamily coaching for couples
  • Accepting your ex’s new partner
  • Accepting your new partner’s children
  • Becoming a stepparent
  • Support for stepmoms and stepdads
  • Support for grandparents
  • SOS for stepmoms
  • SOS for stepdads

I provide a safe and supportive environment for parents/stepparents/new partners to feel comfortable discussing their thoughts and struggles with their new lifestyle. These are not complaining sessions. They are solution-focused workshops aimed at overcoming challenges and achieving goals for long lasting results.

Sessions are structured as informal group discussions that create positive outcomes and help participants get to a better place in their co-parenting/blended family structures.

Individuals, couples and families that actively participate in these workshops and integrate their new mindsets and tools into their co-parenting approach set off a ripple effect that builds harmony with everyone in the mix. Drawing on my personal experience and professional training with compassion and non-judgement, I help all families build strong and secure foundations to thrive in harmony.

Professional Credentials:

  • Certified Master Coach Practitioner
  • Certified Coach Practitioner
  • Certified Facilitator
  • Certified Parent Educator
  • Best Selling Author/HuffPost Contributor

Personal Credentials:

  • Over 30 years as a loving stepmom, co-parent and Nana
  • Proud member of a successful co-parenting in harmony relationship and outstanding blended family
  • Former child of divorce

I know, firsthand, the challenges of co-parenting and stepparenting. I have successfully created co-parenting harmony in my own life and helped many families and individuals do the same. If you have a group struggling with the above issues, I can help them overcome those challenges and begin to move forward.

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