Be Kind, Be Nice

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Marianne Williamson is one of the world’s foremost spiritual teachers and an internationally acclaimed lecturer, activist and author. Among her many inspiring titles are A Return to Love, A Year of Miracles and Tears to Triumph. She has appeared on Oprah, Good Morning America and Bill Maher, and is the founder of the Los Angeles-based [...]

Inspire and Uplift

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Author, Co-Parenting Coach and harmonic communicator, Anna Giannone ends the drama in the lives of divorced families. Celebrate her success and read her story in the latest CCF Successes feature magazine feature November 22, 2018.    

An Inspiring Canadian Success Story

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Featured in Inspiring Canadians Awards 2018 - My Success Story. Inspiring Canadians Intentions 2018 is to shed light on those who use their time and energy to make Canada and the World a better place. Their focus for 2018 is Speakers, Marketers, Artists, Authors and Entrepreneurs. Their cause for 2018 is dedicating to raising awareness [...]

Co-parenting Smartly After Divorce Is A Must For Your Child’s Health

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Featured on HuffPost May 2, 2018  Featured on ThriveGlobal July 18, 2018 When married, parents usually pay attention to their children's needs, and support each other in their roles. They are committed in both heart and soul, and have the willingness to give their full attention and love to creating a phenomenal family. Once divorced, [...]

Life Unrehearsed on CJAD800 AM Interview

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Is Co-Parenting in Harmony possible? Interview 2nd half on Life Unrehearsed with Corrie and Matt on CJAD800 AM, April 22, 2018 Find out the 3 Tips divorced/separated parents who are Co-Parenting can start today to make their family lifestyle a harmonious one.  


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Before you dismiss your co-parenting communication style as hopeless, remember why you keep trying to make it work: your children. For the sake of their mental health they need to have a relationship with both of you, and definitely deserve to feel that they are front and centre in both of your lives. Having a co-parenting [...]

Co-Parenting in Harmony is Possible

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Featured on Breakfast TV August 23, 2016  - Co-parenting in Harmony is Possible - Why Go On a Beach Vacation with Your Ex? Anna Giannone is a Champion for Co-parenting families everywhere and considers her proudest achievement to be her own experience as a successful Co-parent and Stepmom for the past 30 years. Love & [...]

For Healthier Co-Parenting, Stop Using the Term “My Ex”

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Click here Featured on Huffington Post May 31, 2016 We arrived at the airport, excited knowing that soon we would feel the warm breeze and hot sun on our skin. We got on the shuttle, loaded with people from various countries, for an adult-only week of Zen vacation. The atmosphere of enthusiastic people in good moods [...]

Badmouthing Your Co-Parent Can Have Lasting Consequences

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Click here Featured on Huffington Post February 26, 2016   When I think back to my early years of Co-parenting, 30 years ago, my awareness about Co-parenting was limited – it was unknown territory. I had to figure out how to manage my emotions through the twists and turns of my new life. Becoming a co-parent [...]

How to Survive The Holidays With Your Ex-Spouse As Co-Parents

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Are you wondering how you will survive the upcoming holiday season with your ex-spouse as Co-parents? For newly divorced individuals, life is often chaotic. You need to settle into a new routine and heal a broken family. Often you, your ex-spouse, and your child/ren are feeling hurt, sad and insecure. But just because you are [...]